Here is a link as to why you should hire a Certified Arborist :

Don't always take a Contractor's word that He or She is a Certified Arborist .Here is a link to check an Arborists Certification :

Arbor Artistry is trained in all aspects of tree care by having over 25 Years experience in the field and being properly trained and Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Since 1991 we have held this prestigious Certification . We are also Certified Utility Arborists . This allows us to legally and safely  work around Utilities and Power Lines. Our Certification number is W.E.0801AU (W.E. stands for Western Edition and AU stands for Arborist/Utility Arborist).You can tell the experience a Certified Arborist Has by the Certification Number. Ours is 0801, There are only 800 Arborists before us that have become Certified and more than half of them let their Certification Lapse (so they are no longer Certified).To maintain a Certification we have to constantly train in all new policies and procedures. To maintain an Arborist Certification one must obtain 30 CEU'S (credits for class hours) in a 3 year period and for Utility Arborist another 6 CEU'S is required.

The knowledge and ability an I.S.A. Certified Arborist possesses not only preserves your trees for future generations but prevents damages ,and Injuries to your trees. Most Tree injuries are caused by Contractors that have little or no tree care knowledge. 

Hiring an Arborist when your job is either Large or Small always pays off in the long run.

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